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Truth in Love
Hands Up, Don't Loot!
Hands Up, Don't Loot Author: Daniel Greenfield Source: the Sultan Knish blog - 08.20.2014 The interior of the Ferguson Market and Liquor Store is littered with broken bottles and scattered snacks. Despite the plywood boards covering the windows and doors, looters with their faces covered in bandanas helped themselves to anything they could find as those who came to memorialize Michael Brown carried on his work. The violence in Ferguson didn't begin when a police officer shot Michael Brown. It began when a 300 lb thug robbed the Ferguson Market and abused a clerk. The release of the video showing the obese criminal assaulting the clerk led to a terrified statement from the store manager that he had not called the police and had nothing to do with the release of the video. “They kill us if they think we are responsible," he said. That is what this conflict is about. The police exist so that Ferguson... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Barack talks a beheading, then heads off for a round of golf, United for Peace and Justice still can't issue a statement on the bombings, and much more. This afternoon, US President Barack Obama spoke from Martha's Vineyard. These are his remarks in full: THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. Today, the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group, ISIL. Jim was a journalist, a son, a brother, and a friend. He reported from difficult and dangerous places, bearing witness to the lives of people a world away. He was taken hostage nearly two years ago in Syria, and he was courageously reporting at the time on the conflict there. Jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world. He was 40 years old -- one of five siblings, the son of a mom and dad who worked tirelessly for his release.... (more)

Maternal Madness
Madness Takes Over
I know how this is all terrible things to share about my mother. I know it seems like I am mad at my mom and therefore I am just spilling out the stories of her which are the most unbecoming. The reality is this blog is years in the making. Now, as she survives a lonely and sad existence, the madness has taken over her entire personality. I am not mad at my mother. I feel sorry for her and how she has been taken completely over by the ugliness.My own best friend who has known all of the things I have been through because of my mom asked me the other day, "Come on Onalea, don't you think that you will be sad if she dies"? This is a most valid question. The answer should be yes, of course. The reality is, I mourned my mother years ago. I tried so hard to receive love from her in a normal way for so long and I was rejected with hateful ugliness. My children have tried to love her and show her how much she means to them and they have been rejected by, and hurt by her again and... (more)

Moon and Sun
Writing Update
I wrote. I just couldn't log in at the time, so it's scrambled together in Notepad. Not really worth copy-pasting here. Still. I did it. I miss writing.

New jordans 2014
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